Bitcomet Port Forwarding (TCP/UDP)

February 25, 2006

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16 Responses to “Bitcomet Port Forwarding (TCP/UDP)”

  1. akil said

    my listen port in bit comet is blocked what should i do i had tried many port number but all are blocked please please give me port number please please please please

    • Rob said

      Hey AK// Look first off if you are looking for help you will need to give us a detailed idea of what you using like for instance: computer spec, network (If you are under a network that is), Hub or router types, weather you are using WON Port or and UpLink Configuration, and finally ISP Name and region. All of these aspects come into play when asking for help cause then GURU’s Have a beter idea of giving you a good solid answer to your help plee…

  2. Junaid Ur Rahman said

    Plz do something, also if u help me in torrent port forwarding

  3. PeerPietje said

    You’ll have to make a static IP

    and forward port after that

    check out

  4. EGH said

    I did everything it showed at on my old pc and it worked fine. Got a new PC yesterday and followed the steps but it keeps showing that the port is blocked any help please.

  5. RAAAAAR said

    EGH, that’s probably the Windows firewall blocking your ports. if you open a command prompt and type “netstat -a”, it’ll give you a list of all open ports and their connection status. If you don’t see the port sitting there, you probably need to add some lines to windows firewall to permit the ports.

  6. bhoobalan said

    i want 2 improve my downloadspeed…..

  7. Mika said

    i have tried everything…ihave opened all ports on my ‘netgear’ router….firewall is off…TCP/UDP enabled for all ….i also added a service for ports 6881 to 6889 and allowed it! bitcomet still shows yellow circle with ‘blocked’ ! PLSSS HELP!!!

  8. Wire Gauge said

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